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Extendable Hose Mini Pump - 10% OFF NOW AVAILABLE!!

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This sleek, extendable hose, lightweight mini pump will handle up to 110psi, ready to tackle any type of bike or ride!  Preventing valve damage and making it easier to pump, the flexible hose makes life easier on the go.  Weighing in at only 106g (3.8oz), you won't even notice it's there! Whether you decide to mount it on your bike, or pack in your bag, it's a must have essential for safe riding and being prepared. It works with both Schrader and Presta valves, so you can use it wherever, whenever, and on whatever you like!  It even works for inflating sports equipment like footballs and soccerballs with the needle attachment, included with the pump!! Product dimensions: Length closed: 19cm. Extended: 32cm. Diameter: 23mm. Max pressure: 110psi

A super easy 2 step use is all that's required to ride with peace of mind!

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